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The Climate

Trips: Sep To May

average climate in raja ampat

The archipelago boast some of the richest coral reef eco- system as well as outstanding iconic landscapes.

Before you decide to scuba dive to Raja Ampat

Getting to Raja Ampat

Generally, within Asia itself, Singapore is a great place to start your journey into Indonesia to get to Raja Ampat. Check out flights with Silk Air to Manado. From Manado, it may be necessary to stay overnight there to catch a short flight to Sorong, where La Galigo will be waiting for you in the harbour. Take our guide below to get more details.

The Dive Sites

The diving sites are spread between Magic Mountain & Kaleidoscope Ridge at the South, Cape Kri & Blue Magic at the Central regions and Changgo at the North. These dive sites are unique and offer their own specialties. Take Cape Kri for example, this dive site has the highest fish diversity, while Changgo will show you epic underwater landscapes. 

The Best Time to Dive

To get the most out of your diving excursions, it’s critical to visit Raja Ampat at the correct time. The visibility, the temperature and the fishes you can see down there are all depending on the season and the time of your dive. It is worth noting however, that the best time to dive in the archipelago really depends on what you are looking for and your taste in diving overall. “The best time” will differ if you are seeking to avoid crowds underwater compared to if you are hoping to see Manta Rays and other fishes. Read our detailed guide that vividly covers this below.

How Difficult is the Diving?

The islands are called “The Divers Paradise” for a reason. Diving in Raja Ampat is a dream come true, but it is not without its hardships. Understanding and planning for these issues is critical for a safe and happy diving experience. There are a couple of aspects to consider regarding the difficulty to dive there. Strong currents is one of them, which requires the divers to be more experienced, the remoteness of the archipelago, which requires divers to be fully prepared and geared, and the variable visibility, which of course would depend on the time and season of your dive there.

The Things You can do there

Raja Ampat has rightfully earned its global acclaim as an extraordinary tropical haven. Beneath the pristine waters that encompass about 75% of the world’s coral species, a multitude of fish, mollusks, plants, and birds thrive in this serene lagoon nestled amidst stunning karst formations and picturesque hills and jungles.

Among the famous Pianemo landscape you probably have seen before on social medias, the archipelago offers numerous other activities to do. Local cuisines is definitely a must try, authentic souvenirs are also tourists favourite to hunt, immersing yourself in village life is also recommended and many more.

the Itineraries

The boat to raja ampat: La Galigo Liveaboard

La Galigo boat was built by traditional Southern Sulawesi craftsmen in Bira in 2012. She is a traditional two-mast style sailboat, which the local tribes of Bugis heritage refer to as a ‘Phinisi’. The Bugis are thought to have been inspired by old Dutch Clipper sailing vessels which may have been deserted during the days of Dutch exploration, and with an abundance of tropical hardwoods in their land, have been producing these types of boats for hundreds of years.

The hull of La Galigo boat has been constructed from what is known locally as ‘Kayu Besi’ which translates as ‘Iron Wood’.

All interiors and the remainder of the vessel have been thoughtfully finished in tropical teak, with a combined weight of over 169 gross tons.

The Cabins

La Galigo boat was designed and project managed by an avid liveaboard diver with comforts and practicality in mind, and to this day, with such features as a dedicated dive platform located at the rear of the vessel.
Motor and generator noise have been engineered out by isolating the engine room away from cabins with thick soundproofing, which even though not silent, makes for a better night’s sleep.

All cabins are fitted with en-suite facilities and are filled with plentiful natural light and spectacular views of the passing seas and islands.

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