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To know the best time to scuba dive in Komodo, you have to understand that..

The country sits on the Equator line

Because of this equatorial positioning, Indonesia experiences tropical climate in most parts and monsoonal wet and dry seasons rather than the four seasons experienced in countries further north or south of the equator.

Although this is the general rule of thumb for the whole country, smaller variations and microclimates exist in certain places.

For instance, if you visit the Komodo Islands which are south of the equator, you will discover that the landscape is one of the driest in Indonesia.

Compare this to a place like Raja Ampat islands, which staddle directly on the equator and where there is an annual rainfall of about 2600mm, and you find that the vegetation is lush tropical rainforest.

Although most months average around 200mm of rain, the drier season is from October to April and then there is two heavier rain seasons from July – August and November – December.

The Rain


Rain will cause freshwater runoff to enter the ocean from the land. When it does it will affect the water to have an increase in particles and reduces visibility in several ways.

The Wind


Wind will also affect your diving season in different areas in many ways. Among them are: Increased wind will cause the surface of the ocean to get choppy and increase wave size, and it is also a factor that cause underwater currents.

The Temperature


Temperature is another dynamic factor that must be considered in multiple ways in how it will affect your diving.

The worldwide the peak for travel and vacations is between June and August each year. There is also another mini peak each year between October to November as people are trying to fit in a second vacation before the end of the year.


So when is the best time to dive in Komodo?

Technically, you can dive Komodo year-round, but these months fall in the dry season between June until September, so visibility will be at its best and currents will be just right at a point when they are not too strong to prevent diving.

Jun to Sep

May to Nov

Mar to Oct

Apr to Nov

Lembeh & Bunaken

Nusa Penida


Raja Ampat


Indonesia Best Diving Season

Oct to Apr

Apr to Nov


Apr to Oct

Derawan Islands

Oct to Apr

Pulau Weh

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