Depending on where you fly from and who your preferred airline partner is, the end goal is to land in Sorong, which is located on the mainland of West Papua in Indonesia.

From Europe; Fly to Singapore or Jakarta > Jakarta or Bali > Sorong

Americas; Fly to China or Japan > Manado > Sorong (you can also take the aforementioned European route dependant on your precise location). 

Asia; Fly to Jakarta or Bali > Sorong

We would recommend to most guests to overnight in Sorong over Waisai (where you’ll embark La Galigo) for a better nights sleep and more modern facilities.

The town of Labuan Bajo is a short one hour domestic flight from Bali and is the port town you will need to land in for your Komodo trip with La Galigo. 

From Europe; Fly to Singapore or Jakarta > Jakarta or Bali > Labuan Bajo.

Americas; Fly to China or Japan > Jakarta or Bali > Labuan Bajo (you can also take advantage of the aforementioned European route dependant on your location within the Americas). 

Asia; Fly to Jakarta or Bali > Labuan Bajo.

There is a wide selection of hotels in Labuan Bajo that we can assist you with booking. 

La Galigo aims to depart from the embarkation port around 11:00 at the latest, so we try and get guests onboard by 10:00. We do understand that some guests flights may arrive on the day of departure, if this is the case, please arrange that your flight lands in Labuan Bajo (Komodo) or Sorong (Raja Ampat) no later than the 09:00.

With regards to private full boat charters, we are more than happy to be flexible with your desired embarkation time. Please ensure you make us aware in due course at the time of communication with our office based staff.

For the benefit of arranging your return flights, below are approximate times that the vessel arrives back in to port on the day of disembarkation;

Raja Ampat: 06:00
Komodo: 05:00

Please note, these times are not guaranteed by La Galigo based on factors including vessel and weather conditions. 


Depending on the day you arrive, we can schedule and organise a pickup and drop-off for you.

If you arrive on the day of departure, then we will collect you directly from the Airport and head directly to La Galigo, gratis. Please be advised that the latest time your flight can land for both Komodo and Raja Ampat are 09:00, this should ensure that you don’t miss the departure time.

If you arrive in the days prior to the departure date, on the morning of the day of your trip, one of our drivers and a senior member of crew will come to collect you at your hotel at no charge extra charge. Please note, that if you arrive the day before the departure, we can assist in arranging transport to take you to your hotel at an extra charge, with Raja Ampat costing $15 and Komodo $10 per car of 4 passengers approximately.

When the trip is over we will liaise with you and our drivers to make sure that you are heading to your next destination on time, be it to the airport or back to your hotel. This service is also included in the listed price for your trip.

Be advised we have a 24-hour no-fly after diving policy onboard, so where possible, guests should book return tickets departing no earlier than 11:00 am onwards or risk missing a dive on the penultimate day.

Our collection time, if you are already staying in Raja Ampat or Komodo, is generally between 08:00 & 09:00. Our Cruise Director will notify you via WhatsApp, or through the hotel front desk, the day before with regards to what time you need to be ready in the hotel lobby.

If in the case that you miss your flight or it is rescheduled / delayed, then there is a chance that you might miss the departure time of La Galigo from port. In this event we are generally unable to delay the departure past 11 a.m.. If this unlikely event does occur, we can assist you in renting a private speed boat to catch up to La Galigo. The cost of this is roughly between $100 – $500 dependant on the distances required for travel. 

If you have chartered La Galigo, and your entire group is delayed, then we can hold the departure time of La Galigo until your entire group arrives.

This is primarily dependant on which staff are onboard, however, generally speaking;

Cruise Director – English / Bahasa Indonesia / French

Dive guides – English / Bahasa Indonesia / Malay / Japanese

Please note that our services are primarily offered in English, and La Galigo cannot guarantee certain staff members may be onboard during your trip due to holidays / sickness etc. 

Yes, and we can often offer better discounts than you will find going direct to the hotel, or online. 

During the process of confirming your trip with us, please let one of our team know and we will do our best to find something in your budget.

*Please note that this service is only available to customers booking direct with La Galigo.  


Indonesia is very much dependant on tourism, and  the government continues to invest heavily not just in safety, but in logistics, ensuring that trips go a smooth as they possibly can. 

Due to the vessels location on the equator, it would be sensible to bring a hat, some longer sleeved / legged clothes to protect your arms and legs from the sun, and a decent pair of sun glasses. At night however, the temperatures can drop somewhat, so we advise maybe a warm-ish jumper if you intend on spending much time on deck stargazing. Onboard it is safest to go barefoot as our decking can often get wet, and the anti-slip treatments we use are significantly more effective against the bare skin. It is also advisable to bring some sturdy footwear for the light / mild treks that we go on. A thin raincoat would also be advisable, or you can just live in your wetsuit 24/7!!! 



La Galigo has 3 Cabin types to suit everyone.

Our Deluxe Cabins are located on our lower deck. In total there are 4 cabins that can easily and very comfortably accommodate 8 – 10 people. These spaces are great options for anyone who gets the occasional sea sickness due to how low they sit in the vessel against the water line. Both Twin & Double bed arrangements are available in these cabins. 

Our Master Cabins are located on our upper deck behind the bridge, are more spacious than our deluxe options, and boast large sea facing windows so you can enjoy the ocean views. These cabins can be set up either as two Twin beds, or a large Queen bed

The Suite is our largest cabin and is also located on the upper deck. This large King Sized Bedroom has a private lounge area, as well as a private terrace for you to relax and enjoy. There is also a coffee machine, and a television for a little added privacy during your downtime.

All our cabins are equipped with A/C, and each cabin has an ensuite bathroom with a marine toilet, and hot freshwater showers. We provide towels for both your cabin and diving, so you always have a clean, dry towel on hand. We will provide you with fresh bed sheets at least every 3 days, dependent on the length of your trip. 

If you get frustrated with carrying plug converters, then not to worry, all of the sockets on La Galigo are fully universal and come with USB ports as well, for ease of charging your phone, cameras and Laptops. 

We kindly request that no electrical items are left unattended whilst charging in your cabin. 

Head on over to our boat page and check out the boat and see some images on the cabin types.

The minimum age for a child to join or be onboard La Galigo is 12 years old during our scheduled itineraries.

If in the case you are chartering the vessel in full,  we are happy to be somewhat flexible, however, please note, that La Galigo does not offer creche services, and whilst onboard, children are the full responsibility of their parents or guardian.

Please contact us for more information on this.

There is limited cellular and internet coverage in remote areas such as Raja Ampat and Komodo. Raja Ampat has slightly better service than in the past due to new telecommunication towers placed around the region; this, however, is still not perfect and very intermittent. If you need internet access during your trip, our crew are very familiar with the locations where we can obtain a signal. You can also use hotspot from the Cruise Director if at all possible / required.

If you prefer to have a cellular connection, you can purchase a local sim card at most Indonesian International Airports or local shops, we can also arrange this for you for a small fee, so it is ready for you when you get to La Galigo. Simpati or Telkomsel are the best choices for sim cards in Indonesia. This sort of SIM card will cost you around $5. 

Don’t forget to buy your phone & internet credit. $15/$20 (200 – 300,000 Rp ) is usually enough credit for data based calls and basic internet service.

To get cheaper rates for overseas calling, you need to dial either 01017 before your country code, e.g.; (01017) (country code) (phone number)


La Galigo has a small safe that our Cruise Director opens on the day of embarkation and then again at the date of disembarkation, and we are happy to store passports, small goods and cash for you for the entirety of your trip. 

Please note, we ask that guests do not bring overly expensive jewellery and personal belongings of value to them for the trip, and La Galigo holds no responsibility for items damaged or lost whilst in its possession. 


The material used in the construction of these vessels by no means denotes otherwise. The maritime industry is huge in the archipelago of Indonesia, and wooden vessels are scrutinised as stringently as those made from fibre glass / steel.

The stylings of the vessel can be linked to two origins, that of an Indonesian ‘Phinisi’ which are still manufactured today to cargo goods anf for fishing, and a ‘schooner’. these two styles have been fused to create a boat that is both great for comfort, and longer voyages.

Food and Drinks

Food and Drinks

All meals onboard are a mixture of Indo-Asian fusion & Western cuisine, and are presented as a buffet. In the case that you have specific dietary requirements, then we will do our best to plate your meals individually, especially in cases where a guests may suffer from allergies. 

Our fantastic team of chefs are more than happy to prepare delicious vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free dishes when given the opportunity. There is coconut cream and soy milk for coffee and tea available onboard but in limited supply, and we can substitute meat / fish dishes for soy alternatives.

* If you do not make La Galigo aware prior to departure of certain dietary requirements, it may be difficult for us to cater for you due to limited storage capabilities for stock. 

** La Galigo cannot guarantee that any of our meals or snacks may contain traces of palm or peanut. If you suffer from severe allergies of either of the aforementioned, we would suggest not holidaying within Indonesia. 


Guests are welcome to bring their duty-free alcohol and spirits onboard, we have a no corkage policy.

Onboard we have locally crafted beers at $3 per bottle / can and imported wines (red / white) available by the bottle at $40.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving


We have a full range of diving and snorkeling equipment on board, and all our snorkeling equipment is free of charge as well as some of our diving equipment. A full set of diving equipment is $35 per person, per day.

You can see a full breakdown of our prices and options here.

We try and maintain a regular schedule for diving and meal times, making it easier for you to plan your days and relax. Below is a typical schedule for diving and meal times.

06:00 – Self Serve Breakfast
07:00 – Dive 1
09:00 – Big Breakfast
11:00 – Dive 2
13:00 – Lunch
14:30 – Dive 3
17:45 – Dive 4
19:30 – Dinner vnb

Please note that on the several of our itineraries there is no diving on the first day. For example, if you are joining us on our Raja Ampat South or our Ultimate Raja Ampat trips then we start the journey to the southern most areas of Raja Ampat. This portion of the trip can take up to 18 hours of travel from the harbour, so your first dives will be on day 2 in the comfort of Misool.

All our other trips, Raja Ampat NorthJurassic Komodo and our Ultimate Komodo itineraries all have 2 dives on the first day where possible

Please note that on the penultimate day, we will only conduct a maximum of 2 dives, this is to ensure that you have at-least 24 hours prior to your flight to gas off.

A subjective question, but the answer for most divers is;

Komodo – 3 to 5mm Long Suit 

Raja Ampat – 3mm Shorty / Rash Guard

La Galigo has aluminum 12L and 15L tanks with both DIN and Yoke tanks valves, and adapters. Our 15L tanks are available for $15 per day (up to 4 tanks a day).


Our Nitrox is mixed onboard at up to 32%, at a cost of $25 per day (up to 4 dives a day). Please note that we generally do not mix Enriched Gas and Air per guest in a singular days diving. This allows us ample time to pre-plan tank filling following our diving schedule, and also means we do not end up guiding guests with variable gas profiles / NDLs etc.

La Galigo has two full-time dive guides, plus one chief dive guide, as well as a full-time cruise director onboard. Our groups are configured to handle a max of 14 guests, so three groups split over 5/5/4. If needs be, the Cruise Director will also join the groups if a guest / group of guests requires / requests a private guide. Please note that requesting / requiring a private guide whilst onboard will be at an additional charge of $100 per day. If you pre book a private dive guide, then a cost of approximately $100 per day will be charged dependant on the location and availability of the extra guide.

Each of our dive guides brings something a little unique with their knowledge and experience, so we try and alternate the dive guides and the group order when heading to the dive sites, this is to try and make sure that every guest gets the most from their trip.

When arranging groups, we try and match the number of dives and certifications to ensure everyone gets the best experience possible.

Based on the diving locations we visit in Raja Ampat and Komodo, we have some minimum requirements for divers to join our diving program during the cruise. Where as some other operators may not, we understand the importance of safety and strive to make sure everyone has a great time within their comfort range.

Open Water: 40 Logged dives in the past 5 years.

Advanced Open Water: 20 logged dives in the past 5 years. 

If La Galigo dive crew or you find that you are not confident or capable with the diving conditions during the trip, we can assist you in-water in the hope to regain some of your in-water confidence. If you / we discover you continue to struggle somewhat, you will be required to utilise a private guide at a cost to yourself at $100 per days diving. 

If you don’t meet the minimum requirements for diving, then please speak to a member of our office staff during the booking process. Generally speaking there are always options for you to join our trips. For example, if you are Open Water with 30 logged dives, then we can complete the Advanced Open Water Course on board with you, The cost of the course is $485 per person.

We are also able to offer you a private guide at an additional cost to ensure that your experience is as safe as possible for your skill level. It is also possible to skip certain more demanding dive sites in favour of calmer waters where possible.

The short answer is we are not, we just ask that you bring, or purchase from us onboard, a ‘reef safe’ sun screen

Most, if not all of the sun screens you buy over-the-counter include Oxybenzone, a chemical ingredient that can lead to coral bleaching, damage the DNA of corals, and increase abnormal growth and deformities.



These fees are associated with vessel and personnel clearances, local payments such as anchorage fees, trekking fees, and contributions to the local villages as well as permits for diving during the duration of your trip. Simply put, it is an efficient process of collecting outsourced fees that La Galigo pay upfront on your behalf. You will be billed for these fees when you come to checkout. 

Below are the current estimated fee costs for our scheduled trips, please note, that these fees are subject to change in line with supplier / provider costs at anytime.

Raja Ampat North: $285 per person per trip.
Raja Ampat South: $255 per person per trip.
Ultimate Raja Ampat: $330 per person per trip.
Jurassic Komodo: $170 per person per trip.
Ultimate Komodo: $200 per person per trip.

For additional information please contact La Galigo Liveaboard via [email protected].


We now kindly request that all guests have valid travel insurance.

If you are not diving, dive insurance will not be required. Travel insurance is generally suffice; however, you will still need to provide information of your medical insurance to show that it includes both medical evacuation and cover for in-water activities in the event of an emergency.


U.S.D., Euro, Pound Sterling, AUD and IDR currencies are all accepted for onboard payments. Currency exchange rates are calculated on the date of payment.

La Galigo can only accept 10, 20, 50 or 100 denominations. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept bank notes of smaller denominations, or old, worn, damaged or torn notes of any denomination. 

Please note that for all on board payments using a foreign currency a 2.5% surcharge will be added to the exchange rate against the dollar. (eg); XE.com $1= 0.87 Euros, therefore 2.5% will be added to the value of the euro or other currency against the Dollar. This surcharge is due to the fact that La Galigo cannot obtain XE.com rates and must use local money changers, or the rate set by the bank, which is approximately 2.5%.

Any payments made using a debit or credit card will incur a 3% charge, other payment gateways may be higher.


Throughout the areas where we operate there will be opportunities to purchases trinkets and gifts from the locals. La Galigo believes it is important to stimulate the local economy, and support the families living around Komodo and Raja Ampat. 

You may also wish to tip your crew after your trip if you are happy with the service you received whilst onboard.

We also stock a selection of La Galigo merchandise you may wish to take home with you.

We recommend you change some currency into Indonesian Rupiah at an international airport where possible.  

We understand that everyones situation is different, but as a general rule-of-thumb, around $25 per day is a good place to start if you are happy with the service you have received onboard. Considering there is a significant amount of behind-the-scenes onboard staff, all tips are pooled and shared equally, unless that it is the case that you wish to tip a particular staff member directly. 



If you feel you may suffer from seas sickness then we recommend you to carry your own preferred medication. We also stock an ample amount of sea-sickness medication onboard, just in case you happen to need them. However, highly recommend herbal alternatives, that most guests seem to have better success with than most prescribed medicines, the name of this preferred product is ‘Tolak Angin’ if you wish to do some prior research. 

If you have the following medical conditions, then we would require a signed medical certificate from your doctor to say that you are fit for diving. We would also need to see proof that you have valid dive and medical insurance, and both include emergency evacuation.

  • Asthma in the last ten years
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid disease or no Thyroid
  • Use Anti-Depressants
  • High blood pressure
*If you feel there are other medical reasons that could potentially affect your diving then please let us know in advance so that if we need to make special arrangements we can.

La Galigo stocks a large inventory of both diving and non diving first aid equipment. There is also a 10 hour bank of emergency breathing oxygen onboard, as well as an AED (defibrillator).

All crew department heads onboard are required to be trained in emergency responder protocols.


During your stay onboard La Galigo you will find that you will very likely not find any mosquitos onboard, as they tend to avoid / struggle to navigate the surface breezes over the ocean, and much prefer stagnant, fresh, water.

You are much more likely to encounter sand fleas on the land tours / beach visits we conduct, but these are more of an irritation that an health concern. 

If you are looking for information on COVID-19 and how La Galigo Liveaboard operates during the pandemic, then please follow this link to find out more information

COVID19 Data Sheet

Further Questions

Further Questions

Please contact our office staff who can assist you further with your enquiry.

Or feel free to get hold of us on WhatsApp. 

Make an enquiry or check out our upcoming trips