Conservation in Indonesia

Conservation and Biodiversity

The biodiversity and its conservation within Indonesia are imperative to the survival of the local people and the marine ecosystem. Both Raja Ampat & Komodo are Protected National Parks managed by Marine Protected Area networks, which are shifting the employment of the local populations away from unsustainable fishing, and towards sustainable ecotourism.

By diving with La Galigo, you are directly supporting the conservation and biodiversity of the local ecosystem and the sustainable development of the local peoples in both Raja Ampat & Komodo. A percentage of your booking with us goes directly to the causes highlighted below.

If you wish to make an individual donation to any of the organisations, please let one of us know when you confirm your booking [email protected]

Komodo Conservation

In Komodo, La Galigo have closely with the local organisations such as D.O.C.K (Dive Operators Community Komodo) & the WWF. These efforts have included consulting for the benefit of discovering how better the local population can be more involved in Eco-Tourism and making it a more sustainable option moving forwards. We are also very active in promoting better and safer diving practices throughout the park. 

Komodo has seen a sharp rise in tourism since 2015, and this may well be attributed to the fact that it is home to the worlds largest lizard, the Komodo Dragon, and also its abundant Manta Ray Population.   

Raja Ampat Conservation

In Raja Ampat, La Galigo have teamed up with Misool Eco Resort to support them with their regular patrols targeting illegal fishing vessels, actively promoting recycling, and ongoing mutual efforts to preserve the flora & fauna throughout the area by promoting best practices. La Galigo have also been actively involved with Conservation International, in joint efforts to eradicate the invasive and destructive Crown-of-Thorns Starfish (Acanthaster planci).

Raja Ampat is home to some of the worlds most spectacular diverse species both above and below the water, and rose top prominence when it was discovered to be the Global Epicentre of Marine Biodiversity.  

Manta Matcher

How would you like to name your own Manta Ray? If you managed to grab a photo of a Mantas unique underbelly patterns on your trip with us, it is entirely possible. 

MantaMatcher is the first global online manta ray database, managing manta ray sighting and identifications worldwide. Any diver or snorkeler with a camera can take and upload a manta identification photo. 

MantaMatcher promotes collaborations, as scientists can now examine if populations are shared between neighboring countries, examine regional and long-distance movements, and examine the lifespans of manta rays. You can contribute or support the movement by upload your Manta photo or even adopt a Manta.

The Guardians of Raja Ampat

Checkout the video link titled “Guardians of Raja Ampat” by Blue Sphere Media.

This brilliant piece of work outlines the development of conservation and sustainability in the regency and the role that ecotourism has played thus far.

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