Ways to Explore Raja Ampat - Dive Centre vs Liveaboard

Ways to Explore Raja Ampat - Dive Centre vs Liveaboard - La Galigo Liveaboard

When deciding how to explore Raja Ampat, it’s important to consider the advantages of both a dive centre and a liveaboard experience. A dive centre offers the convenience of returning to the shore each day and the opportunity to explore the local culture and scenery. On the other hand, a liveaboard provides the chance to reach more remote dive sites and to fully immerse oneself in the beauty and tranquillity of the region. Both options offer unique experiences and the chance to encounter a diverse array of marine life. Ultimately, the choice between a dive centre and a liveaboard depends on individual preferences and priorities. 

If you prefer more flexibility and the ability to engage in other activities outside of diving, a dive centre might be the better option for you. You can take breaks in between dives to explore the surrounding islands and immerse yourself in the local culture. On the other hand, if your priority is to maximise your diving time and access the most remote and pristine dive sites, a liveaboard could offer the perfect opportunity for uninterrupted underwater exploration.

Consider the length of your stay and your comfort preferences when making this decision. Liveaboards typically offer longer diving excursions and the convenience of being right at the dive sites, while dive centres provide a more traditional land-based experience with the comforts of shore facilities. Both options promise unforgettable experiences, and regardless of your choice, Raja Ampat’s stunning underwater world is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Choosing between a dive centre and a liveaboard is an important decision for any scuba diving enthusiast.

When comparing a dive centre and a liveaboard experience, it’s essential to consider the pros and cons of each. Dive centres offer the flexibility of daily diving excursions, allowing you to return to a comfortable resort or hotel each night. This option is suitable for those who prefer a more relaxed diving schedule and the opportunity to explore the local area during non-diving hours.

On the other hand, a liveaboard provides the advantage of accessing remote dive sites and experiencing uninterrupted diving days. It’s a great option for avid divers who want to maximise their time underwater and immerse themselves in the marine environment. Liveaboards often offer a more comprehensive diving itinerary, allowing divers to visit multiple dive regions in a single trip.

Ultimately, the choice between a dive centre and a liveaboard depends on individual preferences and priorities. Some divers may prefer the convenience and comfort of a dive centre, while others seek the adventure and camaraderie of a liveaboard experience. Regardless of the option chosen, Raja Ampat’s breathtaking underwater landscapes and rich marine biodiversity are sure to provide an unforgettable diving experience

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Dive Center

Dive centres often provide a wider range of diving courses and certifications, making them an ideal choice for divers looking to improve their skills or gain new qualifications. Additionally, staying on land allows for more interaction with the local culture and a chance to explore the beautiful landscapes of Raja Ampat during non-diving hours.

Another key advantage of dive centres is the ability to customise your diving itinerary based on personal preferences and interests. Whether you’re interested in macro photography, muck diving, or exploring historical wrecks, dive centres can tailor their excursions to accommodate specific requests.

Furthermore, with a dive centre, divers have the option to choose from a variety of accommodation options on the island, ranging from budget-friendly homestays to luxurious eco-resorts, catering to different preferences and budgets.

In summary, while liveaboards offer a unique and luxurious diving experience, dive centres provide a more flexible and immersive approach to exploring Raja Ampat, allowing divers to not only experience the underwater wonders but also the rich culture and natural beauty of the region.


Liveaboard diving offers an unparalleled and immersive experience in Raja Ampat. By choosing a liveaboard, you can explore remote and untouched dive sites that are often inaccessible from land-based dive centres. These extended diving excursions also provide the opportunity to witness breathtaking sunsets and sunrises from the comfort of the boat, creating a truly unforgettable experience.

Moreover, liveaboard trips typically involve diving multiple times a day at various locations, allowing divers to encounter a diverse range of marine life and underwater landscapes. The convenience of staying on a liveaboard eliminates the need for daily boat transfers and provides a sense of continuity in your diving adventure.

In addition to the exceptional diving opportunities, liveaboards often offer onboard amenities such as spacious cabins, delicious meals prepared by skilled chefs, and various leisure facilities, ensuring that your journey is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. And don’t forget that your cabin to the dive deck is normally a 20 metre walk! So you can snooze until 5 minutes before your dive briefing, pull your boardies back on and be on a dive site within 20 minutes of waking up.

Overall, choosing a liveaboard for your Raja Ampat diving expedition promises an immersive, adventurous, and luxurious experience that is unparalleled in the world of scuba diving. When considering a dive centre, it’s important to note that they offer a different experience compared to liveaboards. While liveaboards provide the convenience of staying at sea and accessing remote dive sites, dive centres can offer a more flexible schedule and the opportunity to explore the local islands and communities in Raja Ampat.

Enjoy a Diving Trip in Raja Ampat and Komodo with La Galigo Liveaboard

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La Galigo is known as one of the best liveaboard diving boats in Raja Ampat Indonesia, and it offers trips to well-known diving destinations such as Komodo and Raja Ampat. The Coral Triangle is located in Indonesia, which has the highest marine biodiversity on the planet.

La Galigo Liveaboard Diving was founded in 2015 by two avid divers who wanted to explore some of Indonesia’s pristine reefs but found that all existing scuba diving options were frequently out of their budget, and wanted to provide an affordable option for everyone to be able to explore these beautiful places.

La Galigo Liveaboard Diving in Raja Ampat & Komodo is a friends and family affair, and our liveaboard diving trips are always focused on fun, safety, guest comfortability, and are exceptional value for money. Our trip prices range from $2,160 for a six-day Komodo liveaboard diving trip to $3,815 for an eight-day Raja Ampat liveaboard diving trip. The price includes four meals a day, diving or snorkelling three to four times a day, and land tours.

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