11 Best Spots in Komodo Island to Dive and Snorkel

Best Spots in Komodo Island to Dive and Snorkel - La Galigo Liveaboard

Exploring the underwater world of Komodo Island is a breathtaking experience for nature enthusiasts and aquatic adventurers. As you delve into the crystal-clear waters, you’ll encounter a diverse array of marine life and vibrant coral reefs. From thrilling dive sites to serene snorkelling spots, Komodo Island offers something for every underwater explorer. So, tighten your mask and get ready to embark on an unforgettable aquatic journey as we uncover the top 10 best spots for diving and snorkelling in Komodo Island.

Manta Point

Manta Point is a must-visit spot for divers and snorkelers alike. As the name suggests, it’s renowned for its frequent manta ray sightings. You can witness these graceful creatures gliding through the water, showcasing their impressive wingspans. The reef also teems with colourful fish and other marine life, creating an immersive and captivating underwater experience. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a beginner snorkeller, Manta Point offers an opportunity to marvel at the beauty of the ocean’s inhabitants. Don’t miss the chance to encounter these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

Batu Bolong

Batu Bolong is a submerged rock pinnacle that is surrounded by strong currents, making it an exciting dive site. The pinnacle is covered with an impressive variety of hard and soft corals, attracting an abundance of marine life including reef sharks, turtles, and various species of fish. Diving or snorkelling at Batu Bolong will expose you to the thrill of exploring a vibrant and bustling marine ecosystem.

Batu Tiga

Batu Tiga is a fantastic dive site located on the north side of Komodo Island. It boasts crystal clear waters, colourful coral reefs, and an abundance of marine life. Divers and snorkelers can expect to encounter a variety of marine species, including reef sharks, manta rays, and vibrant fish. The underwater topography features stunning rock formations and swim-throughs, adding an extra element of excitement to the dive. With its abundance of marine life and clear visibility, Batu Tiga is a must-visit spot for diving and snorkelling enthusiasts.

Castle Rock

Castle Rock is another spectacular dive site in Komodo Island. This underwater pinnacle is famous for its thrilling drift dives and impressive pelagic encounters. Divers can witness sharks, trevallies, and large schools of fish swirling around the pinnacle, creating an exhilarating and mesmerising experience. The strong currents at Castle Rock make it suitable for experienced divers, but the rewards are truly worth it. The vibrant coral gardens surrounding the pinnacle also offer a beautiful backdrop for snorkellers to explore the rich marine life. Castle Rock is definitely a highlight for any diving or snorkelling adventure in Komodo Island.

Secret Garden

Secret Garden is a must-visit spot for both divers and snorkelers. This vibrant and diverse underwater site is teeming with colourful coral gardens and a wide variety of marine life. Divers can explore the dramatic underwater landscape with its caves, canyons, and overhangs, while snorkelers can enjoy the crystal-clear waters and abundance of fish. Keep an eye out for majestic manta rays and playful sea turtles that frequent this area. With its breathtaking beauty and rich marine biodiversity, Secret Garden is sure to provide an unforgettable experience for anyone who explores its underwater wonders.

Crystal Rock

Crystal Rock is a mesmerising dive site that offers an unforgettable underwater experience. Situated in the heart of Komodo National Park, Crystal Rock is known for its stunning coral formations and diverse marine ecosystem. Divers often encounter large schools of fusiliers, surgeonfish, and grouper, as well as the occasional reef shark and manta ray gliding through the crystal-clear waters. The strong currents at Crystal Rock create an exhilarating drift dive, allowing divers to witness the vibrant marine life that thrives in this dynamic environment. For snorkellers, the shallow areas surrounding the rock provide an opportunity to marvel at the colourful coral gardens and observe the bustling activity of smaller reef inhabitants. Crystal Rock truly showcases the natural beauty and thriving marine biodiversity of Komodo Island.

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Yellow Wall

Yellow Wall is a must-visit spot for diving enthusiasts in Komodo Island. It is renowned for its stunning bright yellow coral covering the underwater wall, creating a vibrant and picturesque backdrop for divers. The wall is teeming with a diverse range of marine life, including colourful reef fish, turtles, and sometimes even reef sharks. Divers can explore the mesmerising coral formations and encounter a variety of unique sea creatures. The clear visibility and the abundance of marine life make Yellow Wall an unforgettable diving experience for both beginners and experienced divers alike.

Siaba Besar

Siaba Besar is another top spot for diving and snorkelling in Komodo Island. This site offers diverse underwater landscapes with vibrant coral gardens, steep walls, and sandy slopes. Divers can encounter an array of marine life, including nudibranchs, mantas, and even the occasional passing shark. The crystal-clear waters and strong currents make it an ideal spot for drift diving, providing an exhilarating and effortless underwater exploration. Snorkellers can also enjoy the colourful underwater scenery and might even spot turtles peacefully grazing on the sea grass. Siaba Besar promises an unforgettable underwater adventure for all nature enthusiasts.

Tatawa Kecil

Tatawa Kecil is another phenomenal spot in Komodo Island that offers an incredible diving and snorkelling experience. The vibrant coral reefs and an abundance of marine life make it an ideal location for underwater enthusiasts. Divers can encounter reef sharks, eagle rays, and even the occasional reef octopus while exploring the diverse underwater terrain. Snorkellers, on the other hand, can marvel at the kaleidoscopic marine life in the crystal-clear waters. Tatawa Kecil’s underwater paradise is truly a sight to behold, and every visitor is sure to be enchanted by its natural splendour.

Tanjung Loh Sera

Tanjung Loh Sera is a hidden gem in Komodo Island, known for its stunning coral formations and diverse marine ecosystem. Divers are treated to an underwater spectacle with colourful coral walls and an array of marine species, from tiny seahorses to schools of vibrant reef fish. This site is also frequented by green and hawksbill turtles, adding to the allure of diving in these pristine waters. Snorkelers can witness the vibrant marine life in the shallower areas, making it a perfect location for enthusiasts of all levels. The breathtaking marine landscape of Tanjung Loh Sera promises an unforgettable adventure beneath the waves.

Pink Beach

As the name suggests, Pink Beach is known for its unique pink-hued sands, which create a stunning contrast against the clear blue waters. Beneath the surface, you’ll find a diverse and colourful collection of coral gardens that are home to an array of marine life, including reef sharks, stingrays, and vibrant schools of fish. Snorkelling at Pink Beach allows you to immerse yourself in the vivid marine environment and witness the kaleidoscope of colours that exist beneath the waves.

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