Liveaboard Diving: An Adventure Underwater

Looking for the best way to spice up your diving vacations? Well, many expert divers are unanimous – liveaboard diving is the real deal! Sometimes, the only passport to far-flung corners of the earth like Raja Ampat in Indonesia is a thrilling dive safari. At other times, a dive charter becomes your magical carpet, carrying you across wide-ranging terrains, letting you dive into various regions like Komodo or Raja Ampat.

The ABCs of a Diving Liveaboard

From dive safari to dive charter, it goes by many names. But what’s a liveaboard diving trip you ask? Imagine a vessel, specifically designed or repurposed for scuba diving adventures. These trips often span more than a single night, with seven nights being the average. However, there’s flexibility with shorter and longer trips available too.

Typically, the dive boats play host to between 12 and 30 divers, with the possibility of both smaller and larger groups. Your diving, plus food and drinks, are usually part of the trip’s cost. A typical liveaboard can range between $1,000 to $6,000 per adventure.

But to give your exact example, the dive boat from La Galigo Liveaboard brings you the most value-for-money diving vacation for a scuba diving liveaboard Indonesia. A liveaboard diving trip starts from $2,160 to Komodo for a 6-day trip and starts from $3,815 to the northern parts of Raja Ampat for an 8-day exploration. The price covers your diving for as many as 4 times a day, including food and drinks, and dive insurance from DAN (if you booked direct to the website). The prices offered are considered not too expensive compared to other Komodo liveaboards or Raja Ampat liveaboards of the same quality standard.   

The ”phinisi” style boat of La Galigo can host up to 14 divers comfortably in aircon rooms, and it is equipped with comfortable diving decks for equipment preparation and have two tenders for ferrying divers to and from dive sites. This is the optimal size liveaboard to balance your own space and to have enough places for new people to meet.

Liveaboard Diving Destinations

Not all dive spots are a good fit for liveaboard. While some countries have no liveaboards, others have dive charters that may not be your best choice. Luckily, if you’re looking to scuba dive in Indonesia, known as the world’s best diving destination, then onboard a liveaboard is a perfect choice because most diving sites in Indonesia are located on remote islands.  

If we’re taking La Galigo Liveaboard as an example again, La Galigo has two main diving destinations in Indonesia. La Galigo Liveaboard offers liveaboard diving trips to the world’s best diving destinations in Komodo and Raja Ampat. These two regions sit in the world’s Coral Triangle, known for its abundance of marine life biodiversity, unique topography, and underwater currents that will pump your adrenaline to the max.  

Why Choose a Liveaboard for Diving?

There are several reasons why liveaboard diving tops the list for experienced divers, in comparison to land-based accommodations. Let’s dive in!

Exclusive Dive Spots: Some of the most fantastic dive sites, teeming with marine life and rich biodiversity, lie far off the coast. For instance, the coral triangle of Indonesia – which lies in the surrounding Komodo islands and Raja Ampat archipelago, can only be reached by liveaboards.


Access to Premium Sites: Even with a resort option, the range of local dive boats can be limiting, reducing the accessible dive sites. But, with a liveaboard, you’ll broaden your horizons, reaching the crème de la crème of diving spots that are beyond shore’s reach.

How do you breathe while scuba diving - La Galigo Liveaboard

Dive More: Land-based dive operators usually offer a maximum of three dives a day. In contrast, a dive safari guarantees a minimum of three, and you often end up diving up to four times a day.

Experience More: Your activities onboard a liveaboard are not only just diving. You can also do snorkeling on a shore of an inhibited island, visit the local village, do some trekking to hike the beautiful lookout point like Padar island in Komodo, Wayag or Pianemo hill in Raja Ampat islands, or you can also explore one of the islands in Raja Ampat to reach out the hidden gem paradise the Blue River.      

Convenience Galore: With most liveaboards, you set up your equipment on day one and pack it up on the last day. No need for BCD preparations for each dive or carrying around your equipment. The amazing crew of La Galigo Liveaboard will do all these things for you and change every tank.

Socialize: Diving is not only about exploring underwater but also about making connections and discovering new places. Dive safaris happen in close-knit areas, making it super easy to make new friends and dive buddies, and end up leaving the trip with a new family, well in this liveaboard example, you’ll become La Galigo Liveaboard Family.


The Flip Side of Liveaboard Diving

Like every coin, liveaboard diving has its flip side too. Let’s check them out:


Seasickness: If you’re prone to seasickness, spending your next seven days on a dive safari may not be ideal. Pack some medication just in case, and remember we also have plenty onboard.

Bad Weather: While you can laze around in your resort room during inclement weather, being caught in a storm during a liveaboard diving trip might not be so relaxing. Though when you onboard La Galigo it is exciting and a good time to play some board games in its cosy living area with your new liveaboard friends. Appreciating the calm after the storm (and a great next day diving) is a good way to reset your humbleness in the world we live in.


Limited Space: Liveaboards offer fantastic opportunities to meet new people. But, if luck’s not on your side, and you don’t really gel with the group of divers, escape routes are limited on a liveaboard. Luckily though there always seems to be a nook or cranny of the boat that you can find your own space in and alternatively your cabin, let say onboard La Galigo, is a great little spot for some private time.


Limited Internet: If being connected to the world online 24/7 is your thing, you may want to reconsider a liveaboard trip. Internet connectivity can often be intermittent or non-existent in remote dive locations. Many people embrace the opportunity to switch off for a while though in a world of constant connection and distractions.


Lack of Personal Time: A liveaboard trip often means a shared space. If you’re someone who values private, quiet time, you might find this setup a little challenging. But then again, you can ask for liveaboard operators like La Galigo Liveaboard to have a single occupancy booking in one of their cabins if you are not already bringing your dive buddy or partner with you.

The Bottom Line

If the allure of unexplored underwater treasures and a vibrant community of diving enthusiasts outweigh your need for space, comfort, or internet, a liveaboard diving trip might be your next adventure. On the other hand, if you like the idea of getting back to basics, creating genuine human connections, unique experiences and seeing a part of the world how it was before human intervention, then a liveaboard trip might be just what you have been searching for.

As with any adventure, doing your homework can help set the right expectations and ensure you are well-prepared to embrace whatever comes your way. You will surely come back with stories that could fill books and experiences that will last a lifetime.

So pack your gear, board our recommendation for the La Galigo vessel (please don’t forget to book first), and dive deep into the blue yonder. With liveaboard diving, you’re not only exploring the underwater world but also redefining the very essence of adventure. Happy diving! <LGL>

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