Komodo National Park is famous for many things, from Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, Trekking, Komodo Dragons and so much more. Here's Top five things to see and do in Komodo

Scuba Diving

Komodo National Park has got to be one of the best Scuba Diving locations on the planet. It certainly has something for everyone, from amazing Coral Reefs, huge schools of Marine life, strong currents, large Pelagic,


Komodo Dragons

The Komodo islands are home to giant lizards known as Komodo dragons or Komodo monitors. They are the largest lizard species currently existing. They can reach lengths of up to 3 meters (10 feet) and weights of up to 70 kilograms (150 pounds).

Being carnivorous, komodo dragons primarily eat small mammals, birds, and occasionally carrion.

But beware, they have also been known to attack and kill people, and they are venomous and aggressive. When visiting the Komodo habitat, the local rangers will escort tourists to have a close encounter with this prehistoric lizzard. They are keeping tourists safe while being around this lizzard.

Despite having a reputation for being terrifying, there are only about 5,700 Komodo dragons left in the world. They dwell on islands that have been designated as national parks, and they are protected by the Indonesian government. Komodo dragons continue to face risks including habitat degradation and poaching despite being protected, and conservation measures are being made to secure their survival.

Padar Island

A small island called Padar Island is situated in Indonesia’s Komodo National Park. It is well-known for its beautiful beaches and clean waters, and is a well-liked location for diving and snorkeling.

Padar Island is renowned for its rough, hilly topography, which offers several trekking and climbing options for outdoor lovers, in addition to its stunning natural surroundings.

Overall, Padar Island is a stunning and distinctive vacation spot that has something to offer everyone.


Manta Rays

There are many different dives sites located around the Komodo National Park, that you can either Scuba Dive or Snorkel with Manta Rays. If you have not done this, then we highly recommend that you join one of our trips, and sign this off from your bucket list. Most trips will visit dive sites like, Shotgun, Karang Makassar, Manta Alley, all these locations are perfect


Liveaboard diving trip

One of the best ways to see everything that Komodo National Park has to offer, is to join a Liveaboard diving trip. The advantage of this is not only do you get to join a trip that will cover the best areas, for diving, trekking, and to see the Komodo Dragons, but you will get to see the vast, and very beautiful scenery that Komodo National Park has offer.

Itineraries can range from 2 – 8 Days in length, but we find that, if you want to get the most from your visit then you need to join either the Jurassic Komodo (6 Days) or the Ultimate Komodo (8 Days) trips. These 2 trips ensure that you wont miss anything that is located in Komodo National park.

Our trips are all inclusive so you would just land in Labuan Bajo, where we would pick you up, take you to La Galigo and off we go.


La Galigo Liveaboard