La Galigo's Commitment to Ocean Conservation: A Greenfins Journey

La Galigo's Commitment to Ocean Conservation: A Greenfins Journey

Exploring Sustainable Practices, Marine Conservation, and the Power of Manta Matching

La Galigo, your trusted partner in underwater adventures, is not just about providing extraordinary diving experiences. We take pride in our unwavering commitment to ocean conservation, exemplified through various initiatives, partnerships, and now, our recent subscription to the Greenfins membership.

Embracing Responsible Tourism

Embracing Responsible Tourism - La Galigo Liveaboard

Our commitment starts with you, our friends and guests. The oceans are a fragile ecosystem, and every action counts. To ensure you leave only bubbles and take only memories, we have implemented strict policies onboard La Galigo. From waste disposal to the use of reef-safe products, your involvement in preserving the marine environment is crucial.

No Touch, No Harm

No touch, no harm - La Galigo Liveaboard

When exploring the underwater wonders with us, we advocate a strict “no touch” policy. Our goal is to preserve the delicate marine life. Proper buoyancy is essential, and our dive guides are more than happy to assist you in mastering this skill, ensuring you enjoy the wonders of the ocean responsibly.

Contributing to Citizen Science

Contributing to Citizen Science - La Galigo Liveaboard

Embark on a journey of discovery by contributing to the Manta Matcher program. Capture the unique underbelly patterns of mantas with your camera and become part of a global movement. By submitting your photos, you actively contribute to understanding mantas’ movements, behaviors, and lifestyles, aiding in their protection.

La Galigo's Conservation Legacy

La Galigo has a rich history of conservation efforts. In Komodo, our collaboration with local organizations like D.O.C.K has focused on promoting eco-tourism and safer diving practices. In Raja Ampat, partnering with the Misool Foundation, we actively help to fund patrols against illegal fishing, promote recycling, and contribute to eradicating invasive species like the Crown-of-Thorns Starfish. We have also collaborated with WWF in the Papua religion to help build ecotourism. 

Komodo Diving June Offer - La Galigo Liveaboard

The Rise of Raja Ampat

The Rise of Raja Ampat - La Galigo Liveaboard

Raja Ampat, the global epicenter of marine biodiversity, has captured our hearts. From supporting local communities to preserving its flora and fauna, La Galigo is committed to ensuring this underwater paradise thrives for generations to come.

Name Your Own Manta

Name on your own Manta - La Galigo Liveaboard

Be a part of something special by naming your own manta. Through Manta Matcher, the first global online manta ray database, you can upload your identification photos and contribute to global research on these majestic creatures. Your actions may even lead to adopting a manta, supporting the movement in protecting these ocean giants.

Greenfins Membership: A New Chapter

La Galigo proudly announces our Greenfins membership, signifying our dedication to sustainable and conservation-friendly operations. These principles guide both our guests and crew, ensuring La Galigo remains a beacon of responsible tourism in the diving industry.

Join us in preserving the beauty beneath the waves. Dive with La Galigo, where every bubble counts, and together, we make a difference in the world’s oceans.

Enjoy a Diving Trip in Raja Ampat and Komodo with La Galigo Liveaboard

The top liveaboard options - La Galigo Liveaboard

La Galigo is known as one of the best liveaboard diving boats in Raja Ampat Indonesia, and it offers trips to well-known diving destinations such as Komodo and Raja Ampat. The Coral Triangle is located in Indonesia, which has the highest marine biodiversity on the planet.

La Galigo Liveaboard Diving was founded in 2015 by two avid divers who wanted to explore some of Indonesia’s pristine reefs but found that all existing scuba diving options were frequently out of their budget, and wanted to provide an affordable option for everyone to be able to explore these beautiful places.

La Galigo Liveaboard Diving in Raja Ampat & Komodo is a friends and family affair, and our liveaboard diving trips are always focused on fun, safety, guest comfortability, and are exceptional value for money. Our trip prices range from $2,160 for a six-day Komodo liveaboard diving trip to $3,815 for an eight-day Raja Ampat liveaboard diving trip. The price includes four meals a day, diving or snorkelling three to four times a day, and land tours.

Where do you want to go liveaboard diving? Check our trip schedules below ▾

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