Navigating the Depths: Why Liveaboards Are Best Suited for Experienced Divers rather than Beginners

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For novice divers, scuba diving can be a thrilling activity that opens up the enchanting underwater realm. Witnessing diverse species and vibrant coral reefs beneath the water’s surface provides a unique and captivating experience.

However, Liveaboard expeditions may not be the most suitable choice for beginners. While they do offer courses onboard, these are often geared towards advanced divers, such as the Advanced Open Water Course and Nitrox Course, rather than introductory Open Water courses. La Galigo Liveaboard, for instance, requires a minimum of 40 logged dives for guests to participate; otherwise, they are limited to snorkeling activities, or have to hire a private dive guide if they are close to the requirement but just need to get those last few dives up.

Liveaboards, specially designed boats for scuba divers, are intended to explore remote and isolated diving sites. The capacity of liveaboards varies, accommodating anywhere from 12 to 40 divers based on the vessel’s type and size.

Once you have obtained certification as a beginner diver, you can consider chartering a liveaboard to explore dive sites of your choice. There are locations in the world where conditions are favorable for a beginner liveaboard, such as the Bahamas. While scuba diving trips with liveaboards are popular in Indonesia, particularly in destinations like Raja Ampat and Komodo, it’s essential to note that some liveaboards may not cater to novice divers. This is because Indonesian dive locations are typically high in currents and can be dangerous to a new diver that does not know how to handle them. .

For those seeking an unforgettable experience, Raja Ampat stands out as an ideal option with its fascinating and breathtaking diving spots for the more advanced divers.

Here are some reasons why liveaboards might be better suited for more experienced divers rather than beginners:

Gain Advanced Skills and Experiences

Liveaboards offer new and challenging opportunities for divers to enhance their more advanced skills and gain diverse experiences. Diving with different individuals at various dive sites contributes to becoming a more versatile and skilled diver, once your basic skills are well and truly honed after around 40 dives experience.

Explore Diverse Dive Types

Liveaboard diving allows divers to refine their skills in various locations, including unique and remote spots like Raja Ampat and Komodo. Trips encompass different types of diving, such as wall diving, wreck diving, night diving and reef hook current diving,  providing a range of thrilling experiences, and once again building on top of your already mastered basic skill set.

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Experienced Crew and Captain

Liveaboards are equipped with seasoned crews and captains who offer valuable tips and suggestions to ensure a safe and enjoyable diving trip. Their expertise becomes particularly crucial for divers, considering external factors like weather, tides, currents, and seasonal conditions. These are things that a new diver would most likely not consider, but an advanced diver can learn a lot from during their continued education.

Feedback and Assistance from Dive Staff

The attentive crew on liveaboards observes and provides feedback to help divers enhance the quality of their dives. Divers can seek assistance regarding issues like excess weight or pace adjustments directly from the dive staff. This is normally done in a check out dive, whereas a novice diver would be starting this process from scratch, a advanced liveaboard diver can make slight adjustments to refine these points to peak performance buoyancy ready for potentially hectic currents ahead.

Interaction with Experienced Divers

Liveaboards provide an opportunity to interact with divers who possess more experience. Engaging with seasoned divers allows everyone regardless of your skill sets to learn new skills, share anecdotes, and relax during breaks. Remember there is always a bigger fish! Even if you have 800 dives and have been in many different conditions, you may be in a group with someone that has 1500 dives and been places you have never been. Always try and keep an open mind and be humble in spite of your background as there is always something to learn from others.

Continuation of Dive Education

Some liveaboards extend their services by offering advanced certified diving courses. These courses are designed for individuals looking to refine their diving abilities under the guidance of a divemaster. Nitrox courses are another common certification available. Open water courses are not available on most liveaboards, the dive sites visited are simply not suitable and unless you are on a massive one, I doubt there will be a pool for your confined water dives!

Return Home with Enriching Stories

Every liveaboard dive contributes to a collection of unforgettable stories and experiences. Sharing these tales with friends and acquaintances can inspire others to embark on their diving adventures. A liveaboard trip unfolds as an extraordinary journey into a new world.

Among the premier liveaboards offering an unparalleled diving experience in Raja Ampat and Komodo, La Galigo Liveaboard stands out as a beacon for seasoned divers seeking exceptional adventures. With a minimum requirement of 40 logged dives for Open Water certification or 20 logged dives for Advanced Open Water certification, La Galigo Liveaboard ensures that its guests are well-prepared to explore the mesmerizing underwater wonders. Crafted by divers for divers, La Galigo’s itineraries are a testament to their commitment to providing unparalleled underwater experiences. As you embark on this extraordinary journey with La Galigo Liveaboard, you’ll discover a world beneath the waves that is not only breathtaking but also meticulously planned to cater to the diverse preferences of experienced divers. Get ready to submerge into a realm of underwater wonders and create memories that will last a lifetime with La Galigo Liveaboard – where every dive is an adventure of a lifetime.

Enjoy a Diving Trip in Raja Ampat and Komodo with La Galigo Liveaboard

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La Galigo is known as one of the best liveaboard diving boats in Raja Ampat Indonesia, and it offers trips to well-known diving destinations such as Komodo and Raja Ampat. The Coral Triangle is located in Indonesia, which has the highest marine biodiversity on the planet.

La Galigo Liveaboard Diving was founded in 2015 by two avid divers who wanted to explore some of Indonesia’s pristine reefs but found that all existing scuba diving options were frequently out of their budget, and wanted to provide an affordable option for everyone to be able to explore these beautiful places.

La Galigo Liveaboard Diving in Raja Ampat & Komodo is a friends and family affair, and our liveaboard diving trips are always focused on fun, safety, guest comfortability, and are exceptional value for money. Our trip prices range from $2,160 for a six-day Komodo liveaboard diving trip to $3,815 for an eight-day Raja Ampat liveaboard diving trip. The price includes four meals a day, diving or snorkelling three to four times a day, and land tours.

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